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Durée : environ 2h
(durée approximative)
P.A.F. : 6€
Espace Théâtre (500 places)

Texte intégral et fiche pédagogique

An ecological horror story, a 21st century Vampire drama

4e secondaire et +

ADG Europe
directed by Paul Stebbings
dramaturgy: Phil Smith
musical composer &
director : Paul Flush
producer: Grantly Marsall


Dracula is one of the few truly modern myths. The name of the novel resonates as do few other titles. But the very success of the book and its endless Hollywood spin-offs has led to cliché and tired stereotype.

Our idea is to rejuvenate the story by moving it away from Gothic Horror towards a wider relevance, to develop the simple parallel between sucking the blood from humans to sucking the life force from our planet. Are humanity itself a multi-headed vampire feeding on the lifeblood of the living planet and turning it into dust? Our production explores climate change, global warming, climate change denial, urban pollution and its relation to lifestyles, and diet and fast food consumption in relation to environmental degradation. The authors are working with a university lecturer in environmental
science and a highly qualified physicist to ensure factual accuracy. The production is not evangelical, it aims to ask questions and provoke debate not preach. The actors will be available to discuss the play and the issues it raises with audiences whenever the tour schedule permits.

We look forward to combining the entertainment with serious themes once and appealing to a wide audience whose first language need not be English. We aim, as ever, to make theatre that explores the pressing issues of our day in an exciting and accessible style.